Bio-Reactor Culture Chemical Product Results

The first recipe was placed in the reactor vessel and bubbling circulation initiated with heater set for 18C.
The fastest way to have gotten this reactor going would have been to purchase some Turbo-Zyme bacteria to inoculate.
However I wanted to try to "isolate" my own strains of bacteria from local environmental sources.
The solution being very clear I did not want to muck that up so I took about 0.1 grams of soil from the area of the lawn that our dog likes to urinate on.
To assure that I got the organisms I needed I also added 0.5 ml of the water from our pet frog's terrarium.
The nitri/a/fying bacteria are very slow to reproduce so I expected it to take several to many days for the filter to become colonized and nitrification to be evident.
This is what happened as can be seen in the following:
This graph shows the ammonia/um, nitrite, and nitrate levels plotted against time in days:

Now that the filter is colonized the second run with fresh media solution should respond faster

The results above confirm this with most of the nitrate produced by the 4th to 5th day!.
To finalize this process we need to isolate and purify the nitrates: reactor harvesting page.

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